Unique Ceiling Art In A Smooking Room

April 6, 2010 Filed Under: Interior Design  

Smoke is very dangerous for our healthy. Even, they know about it, people still can stop to smoke. Although, it is not only dangerous for the smoker, but also people around the smoker. Government also warn the society to stop smoke and give a punishment for public who smoke in public area (in Jakarta). As solution, government provide special area for the smoker. but maybe, the smoker area such in India will make the smoker think again to continue their habit.

Actually, It is a great design. The 3D paintings look so real and unique. It is designed by Indian firm Everest Branding Solutions for client Cancer Patients Aid Association(CPAA). But, the design of this painting can scary all people. The painting is about burial ceremony, and look like we are inside the grave! of course this painting has special message, especially for the smoker. Smoke can lead us to the death, that is why we should keep our healthy and stop smoking.

smoking room ceiling in burial ceremony paintingsmoking room ceiling in burial ceremony painting

ceiling art in smoking areaceiling art in smoking area

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