The Colorful ONGO Seat From Germany

March 31, 2010 Filed Under: Dining Room Interior, Interior Furniture  

If we look this stuff in first sight, maybe it will remind us to candy. because, all chairs are completed by bright color like candies. But, it adds the the beauty of this furniture. All chairs are made by ONGO, young Germany company whose main product is a stool that they are promoting as both furniture and exercise equipment. this chair is featured by built-in ball track at the base which can follow every movement of the seated occupant. The movement of the seat is transferred directly to the ball. It is suitable to be placed in dining room to color the room.

ongo seat in a dining roomongo seat in a dining room

all set of ongo seat from Germanyall set of ongo seat from Germany

ball track in the base of ongo seatball track in the base of ongo seat

colorful ongo seat collectioncolorful ongo seat collection

modern ongo seat in some colormodern ongo seat in some color