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Ultra-Modern Design ‘Origine Du Monde, Maybe!’ Chair by Italo Rota for Meritalia

June 17, 2011 Filed Under: Interior Furniture
Ultra-Modern Design 'Origine Du Monde, Maybe!' Chair by Italo Rota for Meritalia

Dubbed the “Origine Du Monde, Maybe!” chair, this unusual, ultra-modern chair was design by Italo Rota for Italian furniture house Meritalia. It’s a chair that brings “creature comforts” back home. The soft hues complement the plush cushions perfectly, forming what the designed has described as “uterine sensuality.” The cushions are made of memory foam which, in keeping with the obviously... 

New Balance Bathroom Feminine Faucet by Kludi

May 20, 2011 Filed Under: Bathroom Interior
New Balance Bathroom Feminine Faucet by Kludi

This feminine faucet by bathroom brand Kludi strikes a fine balance between practical function and a sweet, sophisticated style. The new Balance bathroom faucet features a smooth surface and gently rounded edges that give it some elegant feminine flair. The chic chrome finish adds a touch glamour to the overall look. Coordinate your whole bathroom with the matching basin, shower, bathtub and bidet...