Futuristic Minimalist Furniture By Boxetti

April 3, 2010 Filed Under: Interior Furniture  

In the modern time, people like the instant things and the minimalist. people do not like the complicated things because, the modern people always mobile and need the practice stuffs. because of that, we can see the minimalist houses which are completed by minimalist furnishes. In resulting, it makes the rooms look unique and modern.

See the phenomenon of minimalist houses, Boxetti, the furniture company, also interested in produce the minimalist furniture. For people who understand and know about the minimalist, Boxetti‘s product is a thought provoking and inspiring line of design work. It has the solid white geometrical shapes. If this furniture is paced in a room, will gives the futuristic look. Boxetti gives little bright color to the furniture, which makes it more sophisticated. It is suitable for people who are very mobile, busy and need practically.

white minimalist furniture by boxettiwhite minimalist furniture by boxetti

awesome boxetti soundsawesome boxetti sounds

house of minimalist by boxettihouse of minimalist by boxetti

minimalist bed and cupboard by boxettiminimalist bed and cupboard by boxetti

orange washbasin by boxettiorange washbasin by boxetti

space saver sofas by boxettispace saver sofas by boxetti

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