Extraordinary Table Designs

April 10, 2010 Filed Under: Interior Furniture  

As we know, that generally, table form is one flat top tables with four legs. But, some designers are bored with the common designs and try to experiment with other forms. the experiment result is amazing. They found some new form tables, which are so stylish. These tables can bring new color to our room, add the stylish style, and make it different with other rooms.

These table are suitable to modern and minimalist room. because, all forms are so simple. the forms are unique and functional. Moreover, there is a designer who put fireplace in a table. The best thing is iBar. it is a tech table which is system for the interactive design of any bar-counter. This is a kind of ‘touch-table’. The intelligent tracking system of iBar detects all objects touching the surface. This stuff is from Microsoft, and called ‘Surface’. Other designers who also contribute in designing unique table is Martha Antoszkiewicz, Joel Hesselgren, Lorraine Brennan, Planika Fires, Kyle Downes, Ashley Burrows and Tuan Nguyen.

unique paperline table by Lorraine Brennanunique paperline table by Lorraine Brennan

unique red bulb table by Marta Antoszkiewiczunique red bulb table by Marta Antoszkiewicz

awesome iPhone Table by Tuan Nguyenawesome iPhone Table by Tuan Nguyen

awesome NES controller table by Kyle Downesawesome NES controller table by Kyle Downes

fireplace in table by from Planika Firesfireplace in table by from Planika Fires

ipod table by Ashley Burrowsipod table by Ashley Burrows

modern surface by microsoftmodern surface by microsoft

stylish black table chair by Joel Hesselgrenstylish black table chair by Joel Hesselgren

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