Effective DIY Alternatives to Running an Air Conditioner

Alternative to Air Conditioner

Summer is fun and exciting but this season lack with precipitation which makes it hot. One of the best things to cool down your place is by using AC system but air conditioning is not just expensive it also consumed a lot of power which make your electricity bill high. If you don’t have an air conditioner and can’t take the heat there are DIY ideas to stay cool this summer.

For urbanized places fan is not popular but it is the best way to cool down without using air conditioner. Though electric fan is not sufficient for cooling especially if your home is a hot air trap you can still use a remedy for it. Take a shallow bowl and fill it with ice. Place the bowl in front of the fan. The vapor of the ice will cool the air and it is effective. You don’t need to full blast the fan to produce cool air, the ice vapor will do the work. It is also advisable not to roam around because once your body in motion it produce heat. Stay in front of the fan and relax.

Cool your drapes or curtains. First you need to open all your windows to let the fresh air enter. If this will not work probably it is not the air from outside but the temperature inside your house that has a problem. In order to cool down a room you can spray a sheet with cold water and use it to cover the window’s opening but make sure that the drapes are not as wet as freshly washed. As the breeze passes through the damp drapes, it will bring in chilled air and further helping to reduce the temperature in your home. Use thin drapes rather than those thick one that are commonly used in an air conditioned room.

Not all the time you need to open your window. Keep in mind that opening windows is not the solution to cool down your home, sometimes hot breeze from outside should not enter the home because it will just rise the temperature inside. Instead, schedule your windows. Open all the windows during night time. The temperature outdoors cools at night, and that’s the air you want to let into your home. The best thing that you can do in order to trap the cooler air in your home is by closing the window while the sun is up and open them during night.

Avoid generating amounts of heat by turning off the appliances that you don’t use. There are some appliances especially those with built-in fan exhaust too much heat. This heat will increase the temperature inside your home.

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