Chic White Oak Mistral Bathroom Vanity Set, Premiere Vanities

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Single Vanity Dimensions: (51 in. w x 22 in. h) Base Unit This single contemporary bathroom vanity comes with an attractive wall hanging base unit, which includes a pull out drawer and two side doors for extra storage. The large white washbasin makes this sleek single vanity a magnificent addition to any household. This vanity is available in your choice of a wenge, cobalt green or white oak finish. Item: Single Bathroom Vanity Base: Wood Top: White Color/Finish: White Oak Sink: White Washbasin (39 in. w x 15 in. h) Faucet: N/A Single Vanity Construction: This collection of single vanities uses a wide array of materials to create various bases. The vanities which are constructed using wood are formed from selected kiln-dried hardwood that is properly dried to prevent warping and cracking. No matter what vanity you choose, the base will provide beauty and durability for many years to come. This bathroom product is not only a pleasure to use, but it enhances your home’s interior. These top-of-the-line European bathroom vanities are specialized for both traditional and contemporary style bathrooms. Vanity Top: These single vanities feature an assortment of tops. Should your bathroom vanity come with a ceramic, glass, stone or wood top, you can count on its durability and overall beauty. In addition, all of our tops are sealed to prevent watermarks or common stains. Finish: All of our single vanities have a properly sealed finish to prevent peeling and fading in elevated humidity levels. Shelf: White Oak (51 in. w x 6 in. h) $299.00 Cabinet: Wall Hung Column (11 in. w x 8 in. d x 62 in. h) 1399.00 Mirror: Wood Framed (51 in. w x 20 in. h) $549.00 Lamp: Chrome $249.00 x 2 Please Note: Initial price includes drawer base unit with doors, white top, two side covers, curved white washbasin, cabinet, shelf, mirror and lamps only. Items above may also be purchased individually.
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Chic White Oak Mistral contemporary Bathroom Vanity Set Premiere VanitiesChic White Oak Mistral contemporary Bathroom Vanity Set Premiere Vanities

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