Better Homes and Gardens Interior Designer, by Chief Architect

July 25, 2008 Filed Under: Interior Design  

Better Homes & Gardens Interior Designer is your all-in-one solution for interior home design projects. Start designing all-new interiors for your home, redecorate rooms and create the kitchens and bathrooms of your dreams. Whether you need architectural tools to build or remodel a complete room, or just want to do some interior design, even just floor and space planning, you have all the tools you need right here. Decorate with wall coverings, add molding or create curved and angled walls Generate roofs, dimensioning, foundations, and custom floor & ceiling heights Create split-entry, curved and multi-level staircase creation One-click automatic dimensions — automatically calculate square footage by room, for the entire plan. See more detail

better homes and gardens, powerful interior home design softwarebetter homes and gardens, powerful interior home design software