Handy Guide to Interior Décor

In order to make your home more functional, it is important to make use of the space well. Hiring an interior decorator will give your home an upper hand. With a minor makeover, your simple home will become a million dollar abode. But before you could hire interior décor for brand new houses, you need to decide whether you’ll get an interior designer or decorator.

Home InteriorInterior designer

The task of an interior designer is to create in order to make the space aesthetically functional. Professionals who are specialized in interior designing have studied movements and behavior of people inside a certain environment in order to come up with a living space that is attractive and at the same time functional. In general, an interior designer understands the design trend well. They also guide the owner of the living space in transforming the room into its full functionality and aesthetics.

Most of the time, you can find interior designers being employed b huge architectural and construction companies. Interior designers are working hand in hand with architects to design a usable space. Freelance designers are on the other hand working for private homes.  

Interior decorator

On the other hand, interior decorators no longer create design from scratch. Their service is called upon if a homeowner needs to revamp something in their working and living space. Like interior designers, decorators are well equipped with knowledge on how to use color, illusion and space in order to come up with cozy and livable space. The goal of both the designer and decorator are simple, to create an environment fit for everyday living in style.

Hiring educated and licensed provider

Like other professions being an interior designer means you need to undergo a 4-year course in the university. Other successful designers also take master’s and doctorate degrees in the same field. With this type of education, it enhances the skill and experience of the designer regarding the different elements and foundations of designing like architectural principles, safety issues, building codes and etc.  

Aside from the basic foundations, a designer is also required to learn CAD or computer aided design. The learning curve will not be complete without other aspects like visual effects, ergonomics and so on. To gain experience and practicality, most of these interior designers are applying for practicum in different renowned companies.

After a year or so of practicum, interior designing graduates are now ready to take licensure exam as provided by NCIDQ or National Council of Interior Design Qualification. With this qualification, the passer is now ready to embark on his or her professional journey. When hiring an interior designer, it is important to always check the certification and license of the provider.

Licensing requirement may vary depending on the state you are in. But what matters most is the professional you are hiring for interior décor for brand new houses has a license. You have two options when hiring this type of service. Its either you are going to use a firm or an independent contractor.